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Vacuum Jet Dehydration

High Speed Centrifuge

Gold Award Product of the Year, Plant Engineering Magazine

US Patent – Ford Best Practices Award

Southwest Research Institute OilPure Evaluation

OilPure US Customers and Oil Applications:

Landis Plastics US Customer, Hydraulic Oil Application

Veolia ROV US Customer, Hydraulic Oil Application

Gardner Denver US Customer, Cutting Oil Application

Blount Oregon Tool US Customer, Stamping Oil Application

Blount Fuzhou China Stamping Oil Recycling Flow Diagram

Qualico Precision Products US Customer, Cutting Oil Application

Delphi Battery US Customer, Hydraulic Oil Application

Ford Motor US Customer, Hydraulic Oil Application

Ford Best Practices Award, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil Application

Danaher Tool US Customer, Quenching Oil Application

Danaher Tool Saving Quenching Oil Report

Brush Wellman US Customer, Metal Rolling Oil Application Z-Mill & 4-High Mill

Navistar Truck, Springfield, Ohio, US Customer, Hydraulic Oil Application

Honda Motor, Marysville, Ohio, US Customer, Hydraulic Oil Application

Toyota Motor, Princeton, Indiana, US Customer, Fine Blank Oil Application

Inland Paper, Rome, Georgia, US Customer, Gear Oil Application

American Axles US Customer, Three Rivers, Michigan, Quenching Oil Application

Siam Steel, Samutprakarn. Hydraulic Oil Application


Lubrication & Contamination Control Educational Documents

Electrostatic Charge on Filter Causing Corrosion Report

Conventional Filter Promotes Oil Oxidation in the Oil

Electrostatic Charge & Oxidation & Internal Corrosion from Conventional Oil Filter

Principle of Oil Contamination Control

Oil Purification V.S. Oil Filtration

Machine Life Extension Factor (MLEF)

Cycle Time Improvement in Injection Molder

Causes of Seal Failure

Leaked Oil Costs

ISO Code Oil Cleanliness Recommendation

Cavitation in Hydraulic Fitting & Plumbing

Toilet Paper Oil Filter Evaluation

Electrostatic Charge on Hydraulic Oil by Pall Filter

Sludge and Varnish in Turbine Systems from Electrostatic Charge

Turbine Oil – Bacteria Contamination


OilPure Written Articles in American Industrial Engineering

OilPure Article in STLE Lubrication Engineering

OilPure Article in Maintenance Technology

Danaher Tool Quenching Oil Recycling Article in Industrial Heating Magazine

Southwest Research Institute OilPure Evaluation Report

OilPure Article in Tooling & Production Magazine

OilPure TPM Article in Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

OilPure Article in Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine

OilPure Clean Quenching Oil Article in Heat Treating Magazine

Brushwellman Rolling Oil Cost Saving Report – Z-Mill & 4-High Mill

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