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OPFC – OilPure Fluid Care – Mission Statement

OilPure is a service business partnership to transform our skills, knowledge and experiences to customers to become a World Class Manufacturing by solving the Lubrication Problems, Quality Control from Lubrication Friction, Oil Contamination Control, Machine Repairs & Damages, Production Downtime, Defective Products from manufacturing and improve the hidden profit from ROA (Return on Assets) with Asset Utilization on production equipment.

Don’t just filter the oil, Purify your oil and keep it continuously purified in your equipment.

Current Problems in Industrial Machinery in Thailand

More than 90% of industrial machinery and equipment having less than 3 years old, are unable to perform and produce precision parts within its tolerance as if the machinery are malfunction. Machinery and equipment damages, downtime are increasingly exorbitant and it is now uncontrollable. So many leaked oil from machinery is everywhere in the production line. This lack of proper Proactive Preventative Maintenance program becomes dominance and has created the prohibitive manufacturing costs that user has no way to be in charge under no circumstances.

80% of these machinery and equipment problems has a root cause from lack of Proper Oil Management System which relies on Tribology Specialist who apprehends the Art of Machinery Problem Solving. Most users misconceive about the fact of oil filtration technology so they end up using the wrong kind of oil filtration that is unable to cure the lubrication problems. Ignorance user turns to a let go in this area of problem and let bygones be bygones. No reconcile and no direction was guided.

Both lubricant and oil analysis selling is misdirected and become fraudulent by pretending to be a guru in lubrication who appears to be a Voice of Authority in the eyes of customers to ensure that my oil is better than everybody else. It is a layout of misrepresentation in lubrication technology. This becomes the Blind who leads the Blind. A lot times the Kickback and Bribe are used in sales motivation that buy off the end user in exchange of purchase order. Predominantly it becomes an unethical, disintegrity and immoral affair.

Lubricant seller usually provides a low cost, poor quality, inadequate amount of oil additives to customers in an effort to win the order among the three lowest price bidding. Personal relationship, the good old boy network selling, the wine and dine selling are typical uses to attain the purchase order, however these efforts have never contributed value to customer for oil problem solving besides a personal gratification. End user often confuses and doesn’t know who to follow. The oil procurement project eventually becomes an additional cost to the company.

These problems are imminent drawback for Thai industries and has been plagued to the growth of economy. It should be eliminated and transforms into a new trend of a World Class Manufacturing in the corporate survival handbook.

This website is written based on the OilPure hand on experiences in American industries for last 35 years. It intends to provide proper education to the Thai who is inquisitive and yearns for the areas of Tribology, Lubrication Engineering, Oil Contamination Control, Friction Wear, Oil Analysis, Asset Management, World Class Manufacturing etc.

OPFC – OilPure Fluid Care

Service is our business: OPFC OilPure Fluid Care We will bring our oil purifiers and equipment to your plant site and perform the In-House Oil Reclamation with our valuable experiences to help manage the dirty oil, new oil, and eliminate used oil disposal with OilPure advance equipment from our US operation. We will extend the oil life and bring back the used oil that lost its lubricating property back to a “like New” oil condition to reduce the expensive cost of new oil replacement.

With the concept of Zero Waste Oil Discharge, Zero Machine Downtime, Total Oil Contamination Control, reduce Defective products that caused by precision lubricated machines, and Built-in Quality Control from Precision Tolerance from excellence lubrication quality that is a Friction Free Machine.

Life Extension of Lubrication leads to the Zero Cost (Asset) that enhance the ROA (Return on Asset) of the company. As equipment has already paid for and no pending maintenance and downtime costs due to continuous clean oil in the equipment.

  • When the production machine is paid off, there is no depreciation cost. If there is no repair cost, and machine downtime cost, this machine become the Zero Asset Cost, no additional costs attached. Zero Asset Cost brings new revenue which is the hidden profit called, ROA (Return on Asset). This is a type of “Cost Earning” that brings pure revenue to the company, while Cost Saving is merely the cost reduction at the expenses of operating costs.
  • These phenomenons affects on the Competitive Advantage for customer that improves productivity making the Real Net Cost below the Structured Cost. This allows company to sell their product below or at cost and still make plenty of profits because this hidden profit came from the improved ROA while ROI is negative. We have to move the hidden costs to become a revenue or profit. The Cost Saving is an Output that we can’t do much of it, however, the Cost Earning is an Input that we can implement to earn more profit. This is a shift in the Economy of Scale to the next dimension that leads to the World Class Manufacturing while most competitors still do the same old things in the past and has no desire to adapt to the new era of COVID-19 business model.
  • This is the beginning of business transformation to become a World Class Manufacturing that this knowledge is not available in Thailand. It comes from our OilPure experiences from the US. We have the capability to improve profit for customer using our technology transfer from the US. Our oil purification technology is advanced and second to none that other filtration competitors have no match. Our Lean-on-Engineering technique from OilPure supply chain can provide customer to the following knowledge and capability as follows:
    • We will educate customer how to make your own lubrication that fits your machinery needs that has precised oil additives as called DIY Oil (Do-It-Yourself).
    • We can coach and digital transform your organization into the Industry IIOT4.0 automation. It is called the Mini SCADA communication that connect M2M Machine To Machine from the PLC that has a built-in server. Most current SCADA availability is in the Wonderware software from Schneider Electric or Siemens company which is very expensive and very complicated software which requires intensive technical support.
    • We are the Coach of Six Sigma & American LEAN Enterprise for Thai industries to become the World Class Manufacturing.

OilPure Fluid Care – On Site Oil Management Service

OilPure Oil Contamination Control Technology Capability

  1. Solid Particle Removal at 1-3 micron or gets ISO Code 17/15/12 or NAS Class 3-5
  2. Dissolved Water Removal down to 50-100 ppm
  3. Oxidation Removal or control of Oil Acidity that results in TAN Total Acid Number down to 10-25% or close to new oil TAN value
  4. OilPure has no negative effect in existing Oil Additives.
  5. Oil Additives (Additive Refortification) can be added to enhance quality of lubrication and upgrade to a Premium Grade lubricants.
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Ford Motor USA
MB-25 at Tire Mount Operation
Wear cylinder has never occurred in several years with OilPure.
The OilPure before & after Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil – Quintolubric 822
OilPure received Ford Best Practice Award
  • OPFC provides oil consulting to customer with On-Site Oil Management Service to help solve lubrication problems, diagnose lubrication procurement, and machine downtime situation with our 30 experiences from USA. The OPFC service will eliminate the lack of ownership from employee’s work which is a common problem of today business productivity. If the filtration machine was purchased by customer, its employee normally did not take ownership of the equipment so the machine ends up siting in the corner collecting dust. Nobody cares enough to spend time using it. It’s become a waste.
  • OPFC enriches the flawless knowledge in Lubrication Technology and science of Tribology that complements productivity of machinery.
  • Hidden profit was in the ROA (Return On Assets) which can be cultivated by Asset Utilization from the Machine Reliability within valuable machinery. This leads to a World Class Manufacturing when it comes to good asset management.
  • OPFC service is the IIOT 4.0 by Wireless Remote Monitoring & Remote Control with Database Software and Paperless. It is a Real Time communication between machines and users. Before equipment damages occurs. OPFC is a full automation with unmanned operation when we are cleaning customer’s lubrication on-site.
  • OPFC staffs will become the Employee Coaching and work with customer so they can hand-on learn by doing with OilPure from the real case situation. It is a practical employee coaching in oil problem solving.
OilPure can refortify the missing Oil Additives to improve a better quality than low cost new oil.
MB-50 at Honda USA, Marysville, Ohio
The Before & After Oils at Honda USA
AST-50 In-House Oil Recycling System
AST-50 at Steel Mill in Samutprakan
Dirty oils from Hydraulic 6 units
Purified oils after AST-50

How Lubricant can be Reused for Several Years and Still Retains the Same Lubricity.

  • Lubrication structure came from Hydrocarbon Crude Oil of Fossil plant that has been decomposed in the underground for 10 million years. This decomposition of Fossil Plant and Dinosaur has reached the end of Hydrocarbon Chain (C-H-O) which is no longer composed or deterioration. Petroleum base oil in the lubrication is refined from the C-H-O that its Hydrocarbon Molecule is indestructible and can be reused almost indefinitely in the form of base oil in lubrication.
  • Crude oil was buried in the underground less than 10 years is called “Naphthenic” for making the Group One Base Oil.
  • Crude oil was buried in the underground less than 10 years is called “Paraffinic ” for making the Group Two Base Oil.
  • There are two causes that destroy lubricity in the lubrication: Oil Contamination and Oil Additives. So if we remove the Total Oil Contamination and keeps the oil clean as well retains the Adequate Oil Additives, this lubrication life can be extended for several decades.
  • After Oil Contamination was removed from oil, the Oil Viscosity will return to its original value. The Viscosity Index (VI) will retain to Original VI. The Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension are the causes for viscosity changes. Ex: Water and Oil Acidity affects the change in Surface Tension in the oil, thus changing its viscosity and Pour Point. When water and Oil Acidity are removed from oil, the Surface Tension will return to its original value as well as its Original Viscosity.
VJ-150 for Gear oil dehydration at paper mill in the northeast of Thailand
The before & after VJ-150 to remove water from gear oil ISO 680 which has the highest oil viscosity among the gear oils.
AST-50 removes Salt Water from hydraulic system in ROV and recycles the oil during the Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico in 2004
ROA is hidden in the Machine Reliability and Asset management that hasn’t been concealed by management.
OilPure started the On-Site Oil Cleaning Service in America in 1990.


OPFC is an On-Site Oil Cleaning Service for industries – We provide the oil management service on-site so customer doesn’t have to move the oil outside the plant for recycle. The oil can be processed and recycled in the machine. There is no need to drain the oil out.

Lubrication Life Extension Program – OilPure extend the used oil life back to the”New Oil” condition with our advanced oil purification technology. By remove total oil contamination from the used oil so oil can be reused and remain its original lubricating properties so it the Zero Waste Oil Discharge. The Zero Machine Downtime comes from OilPure Tribology experiences helping customer in Wear Analysis, establish the Proactive Preventive program for machinery so these machines become Friction Free Operation that prevents machine damages.

Proactive Preventative Oil Maintenance – Excellence oil contamination control is vital part of Proactive Preventative Oil Maintenance program that leads to the 80% reduction of machine failures.

Oil Analysis – OilPure helps customer to properly interpret the oil analysis from the lab that leads to the root cause of lubrication problems. Most oil lab technician has very little experiences in the result interpretation. So most of the oil analysis becomes a waste of money as user is unable to make use of the result finding.

OA-1 On-Line Oil Analyzer with IIOT4.0 Wireless Remote Monitoring & Remote Control SCADA from OilPure is the On-Line oil testing device that reads oil contamination and additive depletion on the Real Time basis while the equipment is in operation 24 hours – 365 days a year. The OA-1 will determines the changes in lubricating properties and assimilate the Characteristic and Behavior of machine lubrication. This data will reveal Oil Contamination Ingression Rate that allows us to design the proper preventive control of the oil contamination that disrupts the machine performance. While the conventional oil analysis from laboratory is merely a guess work on a periodic basis. As saying in Six Sigma, What get measured, get controlled.


Pleated Paper Filter with low micron filtration rating is normally made of plastic Synthetic Fiber Materials that is the cause of Electrostatic Charge in the oil while oil if flowing through the filter core. This Electrostatic Charge will electrify the oil and causes the Free Radicals to interchange its atoms producing sparks and oil oxidation reaction within the oil. Oil Oxidation amplifies Oil Acidity reading in TAN (Total Acid Number) and internal component Corrosion.


PurePack Chemical Treatment Filtration is made of an Organic, Food Grade, Bio Degradable Materials that remove Minute Solid Particulate, Dissolved Water and Oil Oxidation from lubrication. There is no paper filter used in OilPure filtration. PurePack filter has several formula that can be customized to specifically remove oil contamination that can not be removed by conventional filters.

Vacuum Jet Dehydration Technology is invented by OilPure in USA to remove water from the oil as the Non Vacuum Dehydration. There is no vacuum involved in OilPure Vacuum Jet process. This process utilizes Atmospheric Air to absorb water from the oil at 60 °C oil temperature. When air is atomized with oil, water Affinity becomes different from oil and its molecule breakout separation from one another when air is interrupted. Air is lighter than oil and will rise to the top in the cyclone separator unit while oil is heavier dropping to the bottom. Vacuum Jet technology is more advance than conventional Vacuum Distillation which has several problems in water separation.

Vacuum Jet Dehydration is capable of removing oil viscosity up to ISO 630 which is the highest available viscosity and is able to bring water content down to 50-100 ppm when the dried oil is discharged out of the Vacuum Jet unit. Other dehydration technologies are not capable of removing water from this viscous oils.

Dissolve Gases such as CH3OH Methanol in Biodiesel, CH4 Methane, C2H2 Acetylene, NH4 Ammonia etc. will also breakout and rise with moisture from the oil in the Vacuum Jet Dehydration process. The NH4 Ammonia can also be degassed and removed in the refrigeration oil with Vacuum Jet Dehydration Technology

This Dissolve Gases are one of the hidden causes of corrosion and oxidation in the oil. They decomposed in the oil during heat and oxidation in the hydrocarbon form. These dissolved gases become flammable when they vaporize from the oil. They can form the Corona Ring with high heat at 200 °C and become explosive when oil reaches its flash point. This is the answer why transformer installed on the street becomes overloaded and blows up when excessive use of electric current during peak hour.

IIOT4.0 & M2M Machine 2 Machine – Mini SCADA – All OPFC equipment are made by OilPure USA in both Hardware and Software. OilPure equipment is the automatic unmanned operation with Remote Control and Remote Monitoring system that can be accessed from mobile phone out side the factory.

OS1 Oil Sensor Monitoring Technology – OS1 reads the chemical changes in the oil which described by Oil Oxidation. Oil Deterioration will display in a curve describing the continuous changes in the process. OS1 is able to determine the Oil Additive Depletion Rate in a curve. When oil oxidation rate exceeds the high limit and oil additive depletion rate diminishes below low limit, the OS1 will send alarm signal by e-mail and SMS text message to the assigned person mobile phones.

Oil Additive Refortification – OilPure has the knowhow to refortify the oil additives to enhance lubrication properties that has been depleted with our Supplement Oil Additive (SAR) such as Anti Wear, Anti Oxidant, Extreme Pressure, Anti Foaming, Demulsifying Agent, Friction Modifier, Tackifier etc. As new oil was purchased with low cost target so customer gets what they paid for. Therefore, the new oil starts with an inadequate amount of oil additive which provides poor in machine protection.

OilPure.com – USA

OilPure Technologies, Inc. (www.oilpure.com) in USA is the inventor of OilPure Proprietary technology that can extend industrial lubrication life more than 10 years. Our US customers have been using the same good quality oil so many years with great savings. This happens with OilPure technology with oil oxidation removal, oil acidity control, and expertise in enhancing the oil additive performance.

OilPure Technologies, Inc.  is developed by Thai in the last 40 years in America. OilPure is the manufacturer of all OilPure equipment using in OPFC. OilPure USA is registered in the state of Missourisince 1994. OPMS OilPure Management Systems is a subsidiary of OilPure USA in Thailand to help Thai lubrication problems and provides knowledge learned from USA.


Asset Utilization is real the Ultimate Goal in OPFC OilPure Fluid Care servicing to customer. OPFC will extend oil life with excellence oil contamination control at its best performance so the lubrication will last as long as the life of the machine. Oil changes from Commodity to become an Asset. There is no need to dispose of used oil and purchase new oil either.

Asset Management is part of OPFC transformation into Zero Downtime Operation that enhances hidden profit from ROA (Return on Asset). This profit was concealed during the tradition of machine repairs and downtime manifestation in the past.

Zero Defect can be attainable when Friction Free Operation occurs in the machine that produces this zero defect parts. When machine has High Precision and Low Tolerance, it becomes a built-in quality control unit which has direct effect from quality clean oil.

When the old machine paid off or has no depreciation cost, normally the repair and maintenance costs can be as high as the machine payment cost. Management will realize that it’s time to buy a new machine to replace the broken one. This is why company can not recoup its hidden opportunity cost that is actually a new ROA profit. The lost in ROA can be precluded with OPMS experiences in Oil Management Systems.

OilPure Video Introduction 30 Years ago in USA

TPM Total Productive Maintenance is becoming an obsoleted model for industry.
TPR Total Process Reliability has been developed from previous TPM. Maintenance department is replaced by Reliability Engineering and no longer serve the machine repair department work.
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